an end to friendship

I will talk to you in cryptic lines that might mean nothing today,
Lines that you might not yet understand, but someday would,
Only i cannot not tell you any longer (for silence is poison), like how
Very special every morning is since my eyes beheld you; the dawn
Effervesces the fog into tendrils of dream, fingers crawling upward,
And the rays of the morning sun spears through the clouds
That cover and uncover the light, and the splendor of the motion
Exceeds eloquence, and i am taken with breathlessness, with awe,
Not unlike the way i feel when i see you approach with a smile,
And when you stare, when you speak… ah! all words escape
Before i am able to voice them, the heart gasps, and speechless i remain
Under your spell, your laughter glittering like brooksong, and i stand
Enchanted by this angel, but not unwillingly, for who would resist?
Never have i felt such joy at being in the presence of divinity,
Stunned by your attention, by your trust, by your gentlest touch;
Understand that i fall with all my faculties clear, unclouded,
Choosing this path deliberately– the maybe immolation of my mothwings–
Eternity hanging in the balance, the prize i aspire for, and seek from you.
Someday i shall speak in plainer terms, in tears and sorrow, and when i do,
Order the hearse, the dirge, for that day will signal our friendship’s end.


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