cassandra’s lament

i am the prophetess unheeded,
i watched upon the mountain fastness of my home,
saw the performances of my people,
and saw their doom in their wanton disregard
of the voices of the gods.

i am the sister unheeded,
calling out to hector in that fateful afternoon,
the hope of our nation vanishing
with his steps toward that butcher of greece.

i am the lady undecided
to love the man who loved me for my soul,
i sat upon the fastness of my titles,
believing the need to wait
for a fairer prince, a comelier suit.

but in the end,
i remained the seeress unheard,
my people welcoming that trojan toy
against my feeble protests,
the same toy that spelled the vanquishing
of the beloved people of my father, priam,
the same people for whom my brother died,
the people who i tried to protect with my omens;
how stark have our sacrifices come to.

i could have loved him back,
if i just had the courage to give voice to my heart,
as i could have saved my people,
if i had half the courage of hector.

instead i look before me
and see nothing but these chains of captivity,
and my beloved’s back receding
without a single backward glance
for this shattered princess of troy.

4:44 pm


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