guerdon’s rest

ah, so you have found this place.
take a seat, don’t be shy.
sorry if all i can offer are boulders and gravel.
but the view here is magnificent.
it was a long climb to get here, you must be tired.
my own feet are still chapped and bleeding,
but it was worth it.
i don’t mind the company,
such a view as this is better shared;
don’t mind my feet,
they will heal.
see the setting sun,
how it turns more golden as it drops;
the sea from here is visible, too,
like a silken sheet rippling with the wind,
and the wispy clouds like thin curtains
slashed by sunbursts
are majestic to see, as well.
yes, i know,
it took my breath away, too,
the first i saw it,
all the pain was washed away in that single instant.
and feel that breeze?
later on, it will gust for a while,
scattering the leaves of that single molave tree,
but it will cradle you asleep in the evenings,
like a lullabye,
and the rocks provide enough warmth and shade
in the nights;
the moon is bright here, and the stars,
and many times i lie awake
just counting the streaks of light,
racing them with my wishes,
and so far, i have managed to complete one.
you want to know what it was i wished for?
you make me smile;
what led you here, anyway,
if not my footprints tracked in blood?
the evening is coming,
see how the colors race against each other.
i love how the last rays of the sun
shoot out like spears trying to conquer
the inevitable victory of moon and stars.
yes, it is quiet here,
except for the music of the wind,
and the faraway screech of a lone hawk,
and sometimes a sparrow or two.
oh, i’ve been here several lifetimes;
yes, raise your eyebrows if you wish.
i am glad you made it here at last,
by the way,
have i told you?
did you know i came here to be alone?
but i have found out,
it gets lonely sometimes,
being alone,
even among the splendor of beauty
and the universe unfolding above you,
it is always better to know beauty
and have someone to share it with…

and after a while you wish for it….

i am glad you chose to visit me,
you may stay, if you like.


9 thoughts on “guerdon’s rest

  1. 🙂 i hope to keep improving, and i still see a lot of room for improvement. oops, sorry for answering your question. this was my intro to my first blog, by the way, the one i’ve shut down. i’m glad you liked it.

  2. Greetings!

    Am no poetess:(

    Yes, the climb was tiring…but the view that only my eyes can hear is magnificient.
    My mind started painting the pictures before I reacted.
    Wonderful poems esp for your Special One 🙂

  3. i love how the last rays of the sun
    shoot out like spears trying to conquer

    amazing lines,

    the imagery was beautiful,
    i wish i could have stayed a bit longer
    for the journey ended far too soon~

    thank you,

    i’ll be sure to come back for yet another 😉

  4. sir, you kinda remind me of my mother, with the flair for poetry, and with such a wonderful mind.

    i don’t mind poetry– i appreciate it for its unique beauty– but i always prefer the straightforwardness of prose. and your brand of poetry seems to contain both those elements: it wasn’t so much laced with complicated word– like a prose, but better, since it still carried to elegance of a poem..

    *shoot, sir, nosebleed* i hope you don’t mind me coming back for updates, eh sir?

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