i do not know you

i do not know you.
the rain could always hide you,
and the mists keep you blanketed away.
once i saw you through the skeins
of silk that wrap you,
that night when you looked at the stars
and mirrorred their beauty,
and their cold, cold distance
like a longing to break free.
you saw me staring and dove
right back into your pool,
your own wet fortress
that keeps onlookers at bay.
countless times i’ve knocked,
even pounded at your souldoor,
i have wearied my hands,
used words, jokes, pleadings,
anything i could to bring you out,
and you only watched me
from your ivory tower,
distant, unnerving.
i do not know you,
you are an alabaster she,
defying the world with eyes
that screamed curtains,
and feet stepping so stately
they cannot hide your fear.
you came to me one day
and almost vounteered
to unmask and unclothe before me,
only you held back
at the last instant…
ah, am i that menacing?
is it perhaps that you remember
past ghosts that haunt you still?
i do not know you,
not yet, quiet banshee,but i have seen enough
with my spirit to be sure
that here is a pearl
i would throw away life for
just to gain.


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