jehovah’s chosen

he stoops beneath the azure sky,
bent with age, and with an unseen weight
upon his shoulders; from afar,
he seems too fragile, and too delicate.

but then his eyes would meet with yours,
the fire there, the strength of untold years
blaze fiercely yet, and fiercer, pierce
into the marrows of your hidden fears.

and that is all you need to see
to know him: that this is he who stood
beside six kings to be their stay
and be their voice of reason while he could.

he is the seer, the one who named
immanuel; he is the one who saw
the farthest reaches, time and space
gave way before this keeper of the law.

he smiles, and pure intelligence
and wisdom, radiates from within,
and you are changed for seeing him,
this man who strived to purge Judah from sin.

you’ve heard of him, you’ve read his words,
you’ve felt their truth sealed in your heart,
his name resounds within your soul,
jehovah’s chosen — isaiah.


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