i do not know how better to open this message for you. i have always gifted you with enigmatic silence or a jester’s banter, never revealing my true purposes. yet nothing should remain hidden between friends that should be told, so i shall now take the path of plainness, so you shall wonder no more.

you are the most wonderful person i have ever known. your soul is the bonfire that warms my spirit, that signals my path and leads me safely home. your soul speaks like the dust of remembrance, the familiar music of a forgotten celestial sphere, that i have only now rediscovered, giving me hope that happiness may not forever be a stranger to me. you are that sundered half to make me whole, so that together we can reach the highest pinnacles of heaven where gods reside. you are the song that i can sing over and over for all the world to hear, the joy that suffuses my soul, and the heart to claim my own. you are the dreams of moonlight and stars, the smile of mornings that glitter with the jewels of dewdrops. you appear and birds sing; you speak to me and all is made right; you stare and i forget the fears that ths world brings to bear upon me.


i am aware of everything between the two of us, how there are cannot be’s and if-onlies, but some things remain constant and enduring. like what i have written here. a poet has said it best: what’s simple is true– i love you. through the tears and all uncertainties.

i am your friend, beloved of my heart and soul.


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