Bring me:
yes, of course, salt!
wisdom is stale if unflavored,
and laurel leaves, why not?
intelligence should be garnished richly,
oh, and the vegetables,
are they complete?
throw out what we won’t need!
conflicting character is anathema,
and would destroy the flavor.
gee, the spices, yes, of course,
a little of each, just for taste,
variety is best if handled expertly,
without too much of any,
and don’t forget the meat!
marinated with experience
and thus made tender and sensitive,
is best.
lastly, the kettle and the fire –
a perfect dish is cooked
in heat, no other…
we need them both.

And now, voila!
cook, and when done, dole out:
this world needs more dishes like this.


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