you have always been a puzzle to me;
how few realize that talking to you,
walking with you,
is basking in greatness.

i do not know if your silience
is a deliberate wall
to shut the world away,
and yet your dreams betray
how your eyes miss nothing
of the wonders of creation;

you are beauty,
core to skin,
and more–
you are a pillar
that no samson tempest can topple,
an athene personified,
reflecting the wisdom of heaven.

you could have soared the skies
and embraced the world’s
admiring gaze…
and yet you chose the quiet labors
that only unheard applause
could reciprocate.

i never understood until that evening
when you claimed tulips
as your own…

gazing at them i cannot help
but smile at the vision
of seeing you in these blossoms.


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