i miss you

simply and with no frills,
i miss your smile, your laughter, and your twinkling eyes,

i miss your voice that reminds me of rillsong and brooks, of spring water sweet and cold and refreshing.

i miss your presence, the poise and grace that tell the world loudly,

in silence,

that here is royalty, here is the testimony that angels exist, and live, and are without wings.

i miss the stare that you give me, deep, penetrating, probing, wanting to know; the stare that makes me want to be better, to be the paladin that can be worthy to stand beside you.

i miss the he who i become when i am with you, the he who is the better and the best; in your presence i am cleansed, i am purged, and i am strengthened; by your side i am given a vision of celestiality, and i am made to believe i, too, can be among those who are there.

but in the end, simply, and with no frills, i miss you.

and in the silence, in the presence of absent tulips that color me with song, i yearn, knowing that, simply, and with no frills, i HAVE grown to love this princess of song and smile.

oh, what i would give to be worthy of your trust and love and companionship!


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