“gravity cannot be held responsible for people falling in love.”– albert einstein

so you just said,
unraveling my reasons into shreds
with your intellectual acumen
that i cannot hope to win against.

but what was wrong with what i said?
what keeps me lying on my bed?
if not this force then i would fly
and touch, and gather up the sky!

yes, so i did generalize,
what’s wrong with that, dear hazel eyes?
’tis but some apt philosophy —
deduction plus analogy.

if i am held down to this earth
by forces that has known no birth,
what else could hold me strong and fast
within your invisible grasp?

and if this isn’t gravity,
what then is this uncertainty?
i cannot keep away from you
and so this force must be that too.

you tell me it’s impossible?
but this, too, is invisible!
i tell you true, they must be one!


this piece was made into a song by clint larraga, the last verse serving as the chorus; a very old piece, written way back in college, after seeing a poster where einstein’s quote was displayed.


just for kicks


you see, we have not talked

for quite a span of time,

and your voice is drowned,

melting in the mixture of sounds

that surround me,

though unforgotten.


I miss the longish conversations

that we had,

time sweetly shared

between the two of us,

moments I wished would never end,

honestly speaking.


they say that absence

makes the heart grow fonder,

but I do not know for sure…

for how can a fire keep others warm

unless it should be fueled?


I want you here,

just like old times, you know,

just to see you, talk,

laugh at each other’s shallow jokes

or simply enjoy

each other’s silent company,


because you see,

and pardon please,

I want bear hugs,

not cold shoulders,

around me.


just for kicks.



i write tonight the strongest strain

my soul can bear to write for you;

i sing tonight with all my voice

the sweetest song I can construe:

i loved you, oh forgive me, but i loved you!


i gazed upon a shard from heaven

that morn when first my eyes beheld your smile;

and in that instant I was given

this sweetest testament, this anthem without guile:

i loved you, ah forgive me, but i loved you!


you are the dearest of all treasures sought,

you are the strength of galahad the pure;

you are polaris, capturer of thought,

and ever shall this lullaby endure:

i loved you, please forgive me, but i loved you!


tonight, moonwitnessed, i declare to you:

i sought this not, but i do not regret

this quest for wisdom, for sofia – for athene!

though i be left awash in tears of loss…

i love you, ah forever shall i love you!



once upon a morning

i saw the moon walking,

smiling in her newfound anonymity;

she was walking with a warrior

who introduced her, reluctantly, to me;


once upon an afternoon,

i walked the moon to a place

where we enjoyed some shake and shade;

she opened up her lunar life to me

and I felt lucky to be there; who would not be?


once upon an evening,

i sat beside the moon chanting,

laughing in delight she shone

in silver resplendence, in alabaster dream, and in majestic pearl;

i should have known such moments cannot last.


once upon a nightcloud

the moon left, and disappeared;

now all my mornings are drab,

all my afternoons are dreary and dry,

and all my evenings have lost color and meaning.


i would cry if i was in the wrong,

but no,

and that’s what’s saddest in this song.

have i forgot?


have i forgot to rhyme?

i haven’t found the time,

of late,

to glean for words

that could adorn this slate;

i wonder why, but no,

the answer stares me in the face,

just so.


have i forgot to sing?

i’ve found i could not bring

my voice,

to fill the air

with something more than noise;

i wonder why, but nay,

these eyes tell more than what mere words

can say.


have i forgot to feel?

i’ve hurt too much to heal

this heart,

and now I’m numb

at being torn apart;

i wonder why, but then,

she would not even talk to me