once upon a morning

i saw the moon walking,

smiling in her newfound anonymity;

she was walking with a warrior

who introduced her, reluctantly, to me;


once upon an afternoon,

i walked the moon to a place

where we enjoyed some shake and shade;

she opened up her lunar life to me

and I felt lucky to be there; who would not be?


once upon an evening,

i sat beside the moon chanting,

laughing in delight she shone

in silver resplendence, in alabaster dream, and in majestic pearl;

i should have known such moments cannot last.


once upon a nightcloud

the moon left, and disappeared;

now all my mornings are drab,

all my afternoons are dreary and dry,

and all my evenings have lost color and meaning.


i would cry if i was in the wrong,

but no,

and that’s what’s saddest in this song.


6 thoughts on “moonlady

  1. This is beautiful and sad. Paints such a vivid picture. I thoroughly enjoyed reading it!

  2. Hi! You don´t know me and I don´t know you, but I´d like to tell you that your poem is so beautiful that inspired me to write: “Thank you very much for existing”.

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