“gravity cannot be held responsible for people falling in love.”– albert einstein

so you just said,
unraveling my reasons into shreds
with your intellectual acumen
that i cannot hope to win against.

but what was wrong with what i said?
what keeps me lying on my bed?
if not this force then i would fly
and touch, and gather up the sky!

yes, so i did generalize,
what’s wrong with that, dear hazel eyes?
’tis but some apt philosophy —
deduction plus analogy.

if i am held down to this earth
by forces that has known no birth,
what else could hold me strong and fast
within your invisible grasp?

and if this isn’t gravity,
what then is this uncertainty?
i cannot keep away from you
and so this force must be that too.

you tell me it’s impossible?
but this, too, is invisible!
i tell you true, they must be one!


this piece was made into a song by clint larraga, the last verse serving as the chorus; a very old piece, written way back in college, after seeing a poster where einstein’s quote was displayed.


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