contemplate on this

If you come from such

Primordial beginnings –

Soup, for example –

Then how do you reconcile

Science’s cold logic

With the preposterous idea

That it could happen?


4 thoughts on “contemplate on this

  1. Ah, and I ran an office for physicists of a kind; geophysicists and seismologists, hence an affinity somehow exists. I can always glean a brain as big as a planet – compared to mine – a wee marble, said the grasshopper to the Master. 🙂

    It’s only this moment that I realize you’re the “guerdon” who left lovely comments on my poetry a while back. I left a note for you on my blog asking you for your URL so I could visit you. And unbeknownst to me, I had already. Cool.

  2. haha! i am not sure i have told you that i am now teaching earth science and geology in a university here. 🙂 hmm… and i don’t think i can begin to believe that your brain is a wee marble. if it was — it would be the most expensive marble, worth diamonds upon diamonds. 🙂

    keep in touch!

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