With all the love that I possess, I love you. 

With everything that is good about me, I love you. 

With all the faculties of thought and heart that I can muster, I love you. 

With all that is worthy about me, I love you.

With everything that is still pure and innocent about my soul, I love you. 

For you I can overcome every trial and affliction.

For you I can and am able to be worthy again, and stand clean before the heavens.

For you I can reach my greatest potential, even exaltation.

For you all my weaknesses are as nothing, and I can be good and clean and pure. 

With you I think my noblest thoughts.

When I am with you I am at my best, and I like who I am.

With you I can see a hope for happiness, and I am given a vision that I too can find joy.

With you I am more brave, more strong, more worthy. 

To see you happy, I can do anything.

To see you happy, my life is forfeit; all that I am and all that I have are as nothing.

To see you happy, I can sacrifice anything.

I would give up all of my sins to be with you.

I could give up all that is worldly.

I could give up my life.

I could even accept to see you happy with somebody else. 

If you choose not to love me back, I will understand.

But do not ask me not to weep.

Do not ask me not to hurt.

Do not ask me to keep my heart alive for someone else.  

 I have chosen you,

And I feel that with your loss my heart will break one final time. 

I feel it already. 

And I will hate the man you choose because he is not me.

But I will love him,

If he makes you smile. 

For in you I have found my last Mashiara.

Beloved of my heart and soul.

And yet, a love that is lost.  


3 thoughts on “I LOVE YOU

  1. Whew! That is a declaration of love if I’ve ever seen one, and the honesty of possible rejection. I’ve tumbled through many emotions while reading this, guerdon. Very powerful piece. Too say more would not do it justice.

  2. now im beginning to think dat being heartbroken is a mjor thing in being a good poet.. hope dts nt true though 😀 u will find the love 4 u, one that is not unrequited.. im sure of dt.

  3. haha! i can say i bring out a lot of good verses when i write about something i feel very strongly about, and being heartbroken is a very strong feeling indeed.

    being unrequited is tough, but i will not lose hope in love. 🙂

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