love song for one


maybe i am going about things

the wrong way,

i have fallen from being a paladin

and your tower is now as unreachable

as the sky with my bare hands,

unarmored, usworded, unhorsed,

the wilderness is lonely with the cry of wolves,

and your tower is high, among the clouds.

but once in a while

i chance upon a thorny flower,

and i pick it up to keep

for that one day when we finally meet;

they are beautiful in spite of their harshness,

and they keep me company on my trek,

my quest for you.

i have yet to face the dragon

that bars the way to your tower,

and then after that the wizard,

the one who kept us apart in the first place;

please forgive me if i take a while,

swords are hard to find nowadays,

and much is yet to be done to re-earn my armor,

and my steed,

but believe me,

i am going about things

the best way i know how,

and someday you will point out

things i could have done differently,

but i will not trade these scars,

because your gaining will be that much sweeter

for the blood and tears of this journey to find you.


sonnet for silence

 there is a silence deeper than the depths

of sweetest song, or intellect, or wit;

that travels broader than the broadest breadths,

that conquers din, and causes fires be lit


within the breast of man, and there, begin,

the wonder of all wonders; first, the smile,

the smoothing of the brows, and next, the grin

of someone lost in thought, third comes the trial


of voicing that unvoiced until success

is gained, then follows little steps, and last,

the culmination at the final test,

when silence breaks itself to slay the past.


that is the silence shrouding you like mist,

and i’m the knight enchanted by this bliss.

siga girl


the way you pout

upon noticing my stare,

the ball cap and the tee,

matches to complete

your seeming disregard

to femininity.

how quaint

how lavishly simplistic,

you hide behind your armor

to escape,

when every night

you water your pillows,

berating yourself

for being too weak

to set aside your scowl

and return the smile

of him who courts you.