sonnet for silence

 there is a silence deeper than the depths

of sweetest song, or intellect, or wit;

that travels broader than the broadest breadths,

that conquers din, and causes fires be lit


within the breast of man, and there, begin,

the wonder of all wonders; first, the smile,

the smoothing of the brows, and next, the grin

of someone lost in thought, third comes the trial


of voicing that unvoiced until success

is gained, then follows little steps, and last,

the culmination at the final test,

when silence breaks itself to slay the past.


that is the silence shrouding you like mist,

and i’m the knight enchanted by this bliss.


2 thoughts on “sonnet for silence

  1. Wow. I love this – a sonnet no less – and especially the last 2 lines.

    “..silence shrouding you like mist,
    …enchanted by this bliss.”

    It flows effortlessly like a river to the sea..:)

    Hope you’re doing well.

  2. thanks janet. the inspiration for this one is now hopelessly out of reach for me. 🙂 but it was a heady feeling while it lasted. 😉

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