why i keep the faith

like waking up and hoping

this would be the day that she would see me,

smile at me, unsuperficially.

i keep telling my face in the mirror,

today will be different,

today will be fun, and it would not be like yesterday.

i go about my business, keeping my eyes open,

and placing my heart on my sleeve,

all the while looking for the smile to match my own.

i have not found it yet,

or maybe i have, but always too late to matter,

and i have to take a pause to catch my breath,

to keep my soul from surrendering.

but today is different,

today will be new,

today i will find her,

and she, me.

why do i keep on?

why do i keep hoping?


if you have felt the wind on your face,

buoyed by invisible wings,

you would not ask again.


4 thoughts on “why i keep the faith

  1. ahhh, but one should always keep the faith, guerdon. Faith to an ideal should always lead to its fullfilment, is how I look at it, my friend..:)
    Hope all is going well for you, I remain, janetleigh ;>

  2. (^-^)ahhh…back to our poetry!balik sa deep & profound “world” hehe!nice to read you again Sir!it’s been a while!
    for a fresh new day & simply because,let me share ko lang po itong verse from The Book of Life:”Faith is the way of holding onto what we hope for,being certain of what we cannot see” (Heb.11:1)

  3. I´d like to invite you, please come to my place and read something I wrote for you. It´s my first poem in other language, so don´t expect too much. Greetings!

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