on your return

this distance called absence
from each other’s sight
suffuses me with this disturbing
unnameable fright;

i have been too silent,
allowed this gaze to linger;
would you know me still at meeting,
or would you see a stranger?

i did not want you to behold
this soiled and tarnished soul;
i did not want to lie to you,
so i waited to be whole.

but not all wait is restful,
few things are harsher than time,
and now that you are imminent,
i can’t subdue the chime

that counts the seconds off until
our lifewebs intersect anew;
would you spare a moment to listen
as i present this gift to you —

a soul still scarred and healing,
and a heart and love that’s true;
and this sacred invitation:
to spend eternity with you.


written while on a bus, remembering shayne


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