the appeal

i gave the paper to you,
containing my humiliation,
and you, unapproachable glacier,
to whom all worship must be laid,
you stare as if a giant looking at an ant,
you pinch the parchment
between thumb and forefinger,
and look at the words
forcibly wrenched from me
(my reluctant tongue
fashioned them to fit
your opprobrious ego);
i hang at the two-second silence,
waiting for your verdict,
which come ominously
like an oracle pronouncing doom:
“for filing!”


also written 6/28/06 — i remember this, i was filing an appeal to the HRD of the company i worked under and there was this purely obnoxious payroll manager so full of self-importance that she truly reeked of it. everybody hated her except the bigwigs (somehow she was close to top management). this was her, and i haven’t actually begun describing her. 🙂


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