listening to your smile is an endeavor
i find worthwhile; your smile, like your eyes,
zither-like sing between the silence that
bridges the gap of my gaze and your image
elevating my thoughts beyond worlds,
telling me secret after secret, but only
hinting at the words, teasing me, beckoning,
reminding me of my ignorance and my
endless desire to know more about this lady;
never before has the music of gossamer felt like steel,
enthralling me, fixing me where i sat, gazing,
ever trying to puzzle the answer for those fairy eyes,
but your spiral gaze is a well
any hero can dive into and drown, however strong;
looking into your eyes i behold my own immolation,
deterministic destiny as of a moth and flame,
overturning hopes, each one abandoned, willingly;
nocturn possibilities in exchange, though how fleeting,
and at the end of reverie, memories of maybe
dwell in my mind, my voice turns ragged, my throat dry,
overburdened by the thirst of aftersong.


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