so how do i say this?

that your eyes have caught me as surely as any trap devised,
a stare i cannot undissolve,  i cannot undeny…
even as grammatical senses are thrown out of the window
in lieu of poetic justice, even as i take my time describing
how logical this illogic of my unfreedom from your eyes,
i cannot understand why this is so, you who i know nothing of
except as lines you have written,
and images you have shown to the world —
ah, the flames of those eyes, the burning flames of that stare!
and that inundating smile, that impossibly undeniably truly
and factually real threat of me drowning in those waves,
such a strange sea you have placed me in, i flounder!
you are all these, and yet i wonder how you could resonate so!
your smile reminds me of some other place, some other time,
and your eyes bore into my soul as if to remind me,
but the where remains a blank, and i curse my absent memories,
and in the end i gather words floating in my mind
and rearrange them into a semblance of logical defense,
an explanation of why, having never met you,
i can be so preposterous as to claim this —
that you are one soul i can positively drown for,
and blissfully face the flames for,
if at the last i can finally see you in front of me,
smiling, and reaching for my hand…
and allow me to take you to fly with me
throughout these eternities that can be…