what i want

i want…

i want to know you
i want to know your story
i want to know why your eyes seem so sad

i want to know how you are dealing with life,
i may find out some clues on hw to deal with mine…
i want to know if i can be a friend,
and if you’re willing to accept this little hanky for your tears.

i want to know how you are picking up the pieces
when all the memories are still fresh around you…
i do not think i have mastered this skill,
and i still run away from my places of hurt…

i want to know if you would accept my shoulder
when the time comes that you need to cry…
i want to know if my ears are acceptable
if you need to talk all night about life…

i want to know if the things i have learned
about how to be a friend, will be useful for you,
even though i am tired of being a friend,
i find myself wanting to risk one more time…

i want to know how you are making yourself strong,
i may learn from you as well, or we can compare notes,
and maybe we can move forward, buoyed by each other’s strength

i want to know you,
i want to be your friend,
but most of all,
i want you to know,
that you need not cry because of love….