Talk to Me of Dreams

Like when you told me of your best,
Where you were holding a rose between your lips,
And your masked knight rode by, alit,
And took that blossom, and said
“I have found you.”

That was so beautiful to hear,
The music in your voice was so clear,
I could have sword you knew him,
But you said no,
He never took his mask off.

And there was the one when you ran to me,
Teary-eyed and fretful,
Telling me of a pressing weight on you,
You couldn’t wake up or move,
And you thought you saw a shadow,
By your bed and hovering,
And only by your tremendous force of will
Were you able to move your toes at last and fled.

I was so worried that night,
Thinking how I could have failed
To protect you from these mental ghosts,
And so I sung you your song,
And calmed you,
Kissed your tears away,
And left you pan-led and at peace.

Now you stand before me,
Puzzled by my request of dreams,
But ah, indulge me please,
For look,
Today you hold in your hand the scroll
Of your childhood dreams at last…

You speak of closing doors,
Opening new ones,
So tell me then,
What visions do you behold
In your dreams of tomorrow,
Freed from the halls of academia,
My dearest daughter grown…..

—imagining the future… dreams of the dreams of dreams


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