child of heaven

you still wear the wings you had
in that premortal life,
how you managed to bring them here
i’ll never fathom, always admire;
perhaps it is your way
of reminding me
of that anteterrestrial mansion above,
as you smile and sing and float about
like a memory of light,
and trail fragrance and laughters,

how keening, how sharp,
these cloaks of hope you drape
upon my shoulders,
as your gossamer fingers take me
by the hand,
leading me with tears of joy,
to look upward,
and once again,
to reach.


a rediscovered poem from my vault of hidden scrolls… i do not remember who my inspiration was in writing this… or how old this is… but the thought behind this was someone being inspired to believe again in eternity, and in the hope that he too can be cleansed, and be able to hope for heaven….


One thought on “child of heaven

  1. hmm…reminds me of how susan kay portrayed erik (phantom of the opera). it was daae that served as his light in the dank cavern he called his home. for her, his music…always. too bad he died before he knew that his passion bore fruit O_o

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