firestorm and hail

she came without warning,
like the coming of a thief,
firestorm to burn my soul,
and hail to purge my grief.

i do not mind the burning,
i do not mind the scour,
but to come upon me like a ghost
i almost can’t endure.

i’ve left behind all hope,
i’ve forgotten how to feel,
but hail and firestorm bids me
to accept that this is real:

that there’s a morning after,
that there’s a time to smile.
such lies! i have believed them once,
but all it is, is bile.

there is no morn for such as i,
there is no balm, no sooth —
i’ve lived alone and friendless,
this is my only truth.

but firestorm keeps me burning,
i feel the fire, and cringe;
i made myself this armor,
she melts it, every hinge.

and hail keeps pelting round me,
the pain, so strangely, heals;
i cannot help the loosening–
she takes my skin, and peels

the hopeless brute away,
the wreckage of a man;
then lifts my chin to see the sky
and bellows: UNDERSTAND!

i stand alone again,
the evening breeze with me,
but purged and scoured, and weeping,
but weeping happily.

all right, then, one time more,
once more i raise this blade;
my hope for life, and love, and her:
my quest is made.

playing with rhymes, again….


2 thoughts on “firestorm and hail

  1. I love it! Well, everything except for this line, “but all it is, is bile,” cuz it’s a clunker, Guerdon! *laugh* (Well, you want me to give you feedback, don’t you, and honest feedback, at that! Right?) Otherwise, it flows and… I want to buy it! That’s how much I love it..:) Good to see you writing again. I think this style serves you well, btw.. keep inspired!

  2. janet! been a while! i was wondering when i’d hear from you again! 🙂 thanks for the honest feedback!

    as for that line… well, i was looking for a word that could evoke bitterness… and thought of the word.. 🙂

    anyway, this was written on a spur of the moment… unedited.. i’ll think of your comment when i have time to edit. 😀

    i was thinking emily dickinson as i played around with the rhythm.. thanks for liking it.

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