The Footprints

it’s been a struggle,
coming back here,
the surf still bears the imprint of your smile,
and the waves remain constant,
like i had never gone.

but the rocks show the wear of years;
i trace my hand upon that long-ago dream
etched with glass,
etched with youth’s elan,
all weathered now,
and i can barely figure out your name.

the salty tang of twilight breeze
fill my lungs to bursting,
the sun sinking on the horizon
is like your voice,
slowly drowning in the midst of absesnce,
and i am left
to walk the shore alone,
my footprints following the memory
of our long-ago,
lost in the sands,
eaten by the salt of tears,
whispering yesterdays in my ears.

the stars slowly take the place of day,
and looking back,
i do not regret returning
to chase away the cobwebs
and finally erase
the footprints that you left
upon my heart.

grace dino provided the title, and i wrote this for her. (generic theme, closure thingy… :]) hmm.. circa 2003


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