sonnet 16

what is beauty? it is the hidden heart,
the secret of the self — the soul within;
the side of man which is the better part:
that glow and warmth unhid by earthly skin.

what then is beauty? not the charming face,
for oft the shell reveals a rusty core;
instead, ’tis what these mortal eyes can’t trace,
for ’tis the heart that holds it evermore.

true beauty is first felt before beheld;
it is the hidden grandeur of the soul;
the measurer of greatness of the self:
it sets apart the lorldy from the low.

thus beauty is one’s very own self-worth:
the measure of our value and our growth.


i am

i am.
you cannot undo this soul
that you ignore.

i am.
you cannot unmake my being
with your apathy.

i am.
you can only unlove me
to your regret.

around 1998 (defiance after rejection.. hehe)

this is my dream

that i would watch the sunsets someday,
not alone in my awe,
but with a soft hand clutching mine;

that i would open my eyes to the sun,
knowing that the day’s promise was mine,
because i have you by my side;

that i would look forward to the future
with a smile that shall speak of my courage,
buoyed by your love.


bare, simplistic, raw…. this was written in 1997


you touch me with invisible tears
that drench me like a cloak,
and force me to slow my steps,
soften my tread,
silence my footfalls.

i do not need to say it,
but your liquid eyes of unfathomable what
bathe me like a consequence.

carefully, then,
carefully, ever carefully,
i shall hold my soul to touch yours…

and you shall not need to ask again
does he love me?

er… taken from my roomfull of mush…. 🙂


i was
in an understated…
(all right, madness, more likely),
punching buttons
left and right,
playing a tuneless keyboard,
when like a whim,
a passing program
caught my eye,
telling me, urging me
to save,
and so,
groping for an empty space
in my C,
i overwrote your file,
and a button more
wiped it clean
off my hard drive;
but the program new
was not as catching
as i first thought
(besides, it won’t allow my scan!),
and so,
sorry for this mad mistake,
it wont happen again.
i have removed that fancy file,
and here,
i have undeleted you
from my heart.


this is an updated version of a long-ago verse. i wanted to see if i could create a poem from such an awkward word as “undelete,” and well, this was the result… (original version was written around 1995)

dirac ascendant

i see.
it is now clear
to me.

i have
no fears.

i follow,
this road.
the only one,
the true.


the solution:
my equation.

historically, one of the most stoic physicists ever was dirac. i was wondering here how he would introduce his equation to the world if he were to use a verse. 🙂