i was
in an understated…
(all right, madness, more likely),
punching buttons
left and right,
playing a tuneless keyboard,
when like a whim,
a passing program
caught my eye,
telling me, urging me
to save,
and so,
groping for an empty space
in my C,
i overwrote your file,
and a button more
wiped it clean
off my hard drive;
but the program new
was not as catching
as i first thought
(besides, it won’t allow my scan!),
and so,
sorry for this mad mistake,
it wont happen again.
i have removed that fancy file,
and here,
i have undeleted you
from my heart.


this is an updated version of a long-ago verse. i wanted to see if i could create a poem from such an awkward word as “undelete,” and well, this was the result… (original version was written around 1995)


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