bantayan dreams

i could almost taste
the tang of the salty air,
and feel the water’s foamy embrace,
the grit of sand beneath my feet,
and the sun upon my face…

seeing your smile
takes me there, too.

and it’s like
i am feasting my eyes upon the vista,
basking under the same sky,
away from the tumult and the noise,
and i can imagine
gazing at shoals and reefs,
swimming with brightly-colored schools,
and combing the beaches
for seashells, with you.

you have left, though,
and my feet,
they burn against the city street,
and i swim again,
in the ebbs and flows of a harsher ocean,
less salty, but less sweet.

but every night brings me back
your smile and your stories…
and remembering you,
brings me back there, too.


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