as summer arrives

the spring has brought you welcome news:
that flowers bloom again,
and that the tulips you once thought
were gone,
are showing themselves in resplendent hues
once more…

the cold has slowly melted away,
and their lingering traces,
those filigrees of ice,
are no more,
and all the white
are swallowed now in greens,
reds and yellows and blues
singing with the birds…

it is now a little easier
taking the short walk
from the porch to the car,
and leaving the house allows you
to bathe in the colors of spring,
and the warmth suffuses you,
giving you some new-found strength
that slept for a season…

you look at the sky,
and see the birds returning
from their long estrangement
of their nests….

they make you smile
as you look forward
for a similar return
of feet tracing their own feet home,
as summer arrives.


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