there comes a time

there comes a time
when we all learn the art
of letting go…

and when we do,
the pain…


if i run out

if i run out of words
i shall not run out of love,
nor the wherewithal
to express it.

but i shall run out
of life
ere i run out of words,
and besides,
even in the silence
of stares and smiles,
and singular touches of fire,
there lie the universe
of words unvoiced,
deeper in color,
richer in texture,
purer than adam’s tongue.

and so,
i shall run out my life,
from edge of birth
to eternity’s ledge,
from word to word,
from love to love,
endless spirals
of birth and rebirth,
and each cycle
of this eternal progression
likewise purifies
these lines,
these words,
this mirror of my heart
that i polish
for you.

Moving On

Could i but turn around and leave,
Acknowledge nothing of that past i lived,
Surely I will do so; I will change everything I was,
See a new day dawning, forget all yesterdays,
And start afresh. But no, that cannot be;
No life unfinished has that choice, no shell
Dented by bumps and scrapes could scars deny.
Rather, like a tree rebarking everyday,
All days forward must show that I am new.