your smile settled upon my soul
like a snowflake
awakening my heart;
i have seen your eyes before,
i know i have,
somewhere in dreams before my birth,
someplace happier,
else you would not have tugged
so especially,
with but one glance.

you stared at me
in a split second so intense,
it could have lasted years;
perhaps you saw it too,
maybe you felt pulled the same way,
like the convergence of forevers
into epiphany,
awakening instant trust,
a seed longing for water,
promising to burst into flowers
to color the paths
we would tread together,
sundered halves clasping fingerslike,
eyes single
to the glory of the music
eternally etched in our hearts,
leading us home.


your hands

your hands are a mystery to me,
so small a cradle for my heart,
big enough to encompass my soul,
and so much a mirror of you,
small, beautiful, enchanting…

your hands are two queens,
so frail a weapon against my person,
so powerful they move me to submission,
and so much a mirror of you,
complete, stern, enduring…

your hands are contradictions,
one red to halt me on my tracks,
the other one yellow, undecided,
to either beckon me closer or let go,
you press them together and i see
orange — pure intelligence!
so much a mirror of you,
undecided to love, you intellectualize.

but in your hands i am a thornless rose,
powerless except where you move me…
in my heart.