tending blooms

ask me for blooms,
yet i will not give you any,
for my heart defeated me
and my fingers melted
in pity
as they were grasping the stems
to do the deed.

you call my reluctance
as if your very words
owned my choice,
and imprisoned my soul,
as if it is more divine
to make you smile
than to let the flowers shine.

even the little white buds
silently howled in protest,
not knowing who you really are,
misunderstanding my hesitation,
as if my letting them live
was an insult
to their collective beauty,
as if their fragrance
can survive,
plucked fatally
from their mother loam.

so ask me not for blooms;
not these,
nor any from the gardens that i tend;
bring your petal promises elsewhere…


One thought on “tending blooms

  1. Very poetic and there is an irony revealed when the direction for the poem is directed at is made known, which makes the poem stand out even more so. When you get a chance please check out 1markt.wordpress.com

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