love song for one

maybe i am going about things

the wrong way,

i have fallen from being a paladin

and your tower is now as unreachable

as the sky with my bare hands,

unarmored, usworded, unhorsed,

the wilderness is lonely with the cry of wolves,

and your tower is high, among the clouds.

but once in a while

i chance upon a thorny flower,

and i pick it up to keep

for that one day when we finally meet;

they are beautiful in spite of their harshness,

and they keep me company on my trek,

my quest for you.

i have yet to face the dragon

that bars the way to your tower,

and then after that the wizard,

the one who kept us apart in the first place;

please forgive me if i take a while,

swords are hard to find nowadays,

and much is yet to be done to re-earn my armor,

and my steed,

but believe me,

i am going about things

the best way i know how,

and someday you will point out

things i could have done differently,

but i will not trade these scars,

because your gaining will be that much sweeter

for the blood and tears of this journey to find you.


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